Artyst World was founded in Papendrecht, under the smoke of Rotterdam, by two friends who study Entrepreneurship. In search of their way to add value to society, constantly thinking of ideas.

Looking at major clothing brands and the fashion world, they decided to create their own lifestyle brand. But how can you add value to society with your lifestyle brand? How do you create unique designs without talent in art? 

These questions led to the creation of the idea Artyst World. Knowing that the talent and creativity of artists yield bold designs, Artyst World wanted to create value for this audience. If artists had a simple platform to offer their creations for sale and not having to constantly focus on marketing and sales etc. you can help the artist grow. 

So the idea of Artyst World is not just to be a lifestyle brand, it's a platform for artists, also called Artysts, to develop, to be seen, and to earn money. 

Artysts must be able to use their talents to the full and forget all the things around them. That's where our talents apply. The Artysts supply designs and Artyst World makes sure everything else is arranged. This collaboration ensures that we market unique clothing for you! 


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